Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Surprise Surprise, Nick Clegg Is A Hypocrite...

 An advert on the Liberal Democrat website advertised unpaid internships, just two months after Nick Clegg caused a fuss and said unpaid internships were wrong and interns should be paid the minimum wage.
The job on the advert clearly states that it is an unpaid internship, there is a small reimbursement for travel and £5 or less for lunch every day. Working for free is worth it according to the advert as the interns benefit from
"...the opportunity to gain experience of the practical and professional side of Party politics...and experience life in the heart of Westminster."
It was only last month Clegg launched a national internship scheme, in which interns will be paid and it should meet the minimum wage.
Yet again, Clegg has made himself look an idiot, simply because he hasn't stuck by what he has said or promised.
Nick Clegg...a national joke.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

When Will He Go Away?!

Justin Beiber is now bringing out his own perfume for his female fans and even promising his fans that in buying his perfume they gain 'intimate access to his heart'.
The perfume comes out in June and is named 'Someday'. There seems to be no apparent reason why it's called 'Someday', as it's neither a Bieber lyric or a homage to The Strokes, instead it's a way for his fans, or naive idiots, to get close to the pint sized popstar.
The makers have stated that 'Someday'
"...is a fragrance Justin can't get enough of and can't stay away from, making those who wear it irresistible...Journey deep into a world of possiblities...into the world of Justin Bieber."

Seriously do people really fall for this b***s***?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Doherty To Be Released Before Reading/Leeds Festival...

The Libertines frontman was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday after he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine.
Official court reports suggest that he will be released from prison on August 21, five days before he is due to headline the Festival Republic stage at Leeds festival and two days later he is due to play at Reading Festival.

Let's keep our fingers crossed he's out...who's got the crack?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oxfam Crying Out For Clothes Donations...

Oxfam has appealed nationwide for emergency clothes donations after a massive fire destroyed its important recycling facility last month.
 The processing factory in Wastesaver in Huddersfield was destroyed on April 30, which saw hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of clothes and machinery just go up in smoke. This has left Oxfam in critical need of donations.
Oxfam has around 700 shops across the UK and has popular festival shops at Glastonbury, Leeds and Bestival, to name but a few. As the supply is extremely low at the moment, nationwide shops and the festival stalls could very well be affected and Oxfam's fight against world poverty could also be in jeopardy.
If you have any clothes that you know you will never wear again, then bag them up and take them to your nearest Oxfam...now!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Album I'll Mostly Be Listening To This Week....

Ok, so it isn't a new release...but I feel not enough people know about Tame Impala and with Summer/Festival time fast approaching, this album is a must-listen!!! 
The three-piece are from Australia and have an amazing psychedelic melodic rock sound that will blow your mind. I strongly recommend!!!

Women Worst Affected by Spending Cuts...

Public spending cuts are set to widen the gender pay gap and risking increasing other inequalities, according to a study by the University of Warwick, published both by University of Warwick's Centre for Human Rights in Practice and Coventry Women's voices.
The cuts to adult social care, legal aid, benefits and public sector pay freezes will have more effect on women than men.
The report concluded that cuts will hit women hardest and will have a negative impact on their human rights and life will be harder for women. Mary-Ann Stephenson, an author for the report says
"Taken together, the effect will be devastating, particularly on the most vulnerable...Women who have been raped or abused may find it harder to get justice or the support they need and some women and their children, particularly lone parents, may be pushed into poverty".

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Super Injunctions Super Suck...

Ok, so most of us could not care less which celebrity is sleeping with which prostitute or who is having an affair with who, but the scandal and questions surrounding super-injunctions are more intriguing.
These super-injuctions are in fact restricting press freedom and this could one day keep important information to the public under secrecy because of a super-injunction.
Super-Injunctions have also been made to look even more ridiculous this week, as a loop in the injunction saw a Twitter user publish a list of celebrities that are all being protected by super-injunctions, a wrongly accused Jemima Khan was also on the list. Funnily enough, the injunction does not stop American websites publishing this information. 
If a celebrity is paying thousands of pounds for an injunction, only for a social networking or web site to publish the restricted information, then really, what is the point of these super-injunctions? If the information is being found out, then surely there is no need for an expensive super-injunction? All they are simply doing is giving the Press less freedom.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right...

It was revealed by U.S Officials that Osama Bin Laden was in fact unarmed when he was killed on Monday. Now questions are being raised about human rights and even the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, revealed he felt 'very uncomfortable' over the death of Bin Laden and the conflicting reports from U.S officials have not helped the discomfort.

 I do think that the many different reports from the U.S officials are not helping the situation. Since revealing Bin Laden was unarmed, this has given fire to the people who are already think the killing of Bin Laden was wrong.
Did Bin Laden deserve any human rights? If he had no weapons how could he fight back? Some think he should of been put on trial and executed (Saddam Hussein style), some think he should of faced a lifelong prison sentence and some think it was right to kill him on the spot. The question we need to really ask is how do we end this vicious circle of violence?

The Arab Spring has seen thousands of Muslim people out on the streets, protesting for basic human rights, democracy and freedom. It seems the people have spoken in the Arab world and they have now grown tired of the dictatorships and anti-human right societies.
This should be the perfect opportunity for the Western world to really show how freedom and democracy should be upheld and now support and gain the trust of the Arab people who want to live in a peaceful and humane way. Instead, I can't help feeling, if the U.S Government is not truly open with the world, trust is never going to be restored.

Fashion Tips by Gaddafi...

Which outfit would you be seen wearing?!