Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Another Class War The Tories Have Got Us Into...

Today it was announced that unemployment reached a 17 year high.
This isn't just about a 'lost generation' of the youth, it's also about class.
The privileged succeed. Greed takes over morals.
The rich become richer...

Youth unemployment is increasing week by week with no thought by the coalition government about what being out of work for young people means. Young people who have left education with qualifications and prospects, only to have their ambitions destroyed by the reality of no work, temporary or work away from what they wanted to do.

The reality for young people is a world that jobs are so rare that people frantically compete for them. University fees have increased. Housing is expensive and cramped.
It's a world where young people feel that they really aren't wanted.

Work that is out there can be temporary, badly paid or unpaid, and the best jobs go not to those who are best qualified or who have worked their hardest, but to those who have family connections and for the fortunate few, can afford to slog their way through unpaid internships.

 It's not just about the young.  It's affecting the disadvantaged, those without contacts.
There seems to be little room for people who are not wealthy and have family connections.

The Conservatives are guilty of encouraging the rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer, but as I watch Prime Minister's Questions today, all I see is a room that is filled with politicians who have no understanding of the reality. A usual Prime Minister's Questions that involves no real talk of action, just shouts of what the past party did wrong, goading, Toff jokes, lies and a goblin with a hammer who shouts 'Order!' a lot.

As a government, they are failing and it's no wonder students, school pupils and unemployed people have been protesting for nearly a year now.
We used to talk and write of the worry for the 'lost generation' now the worry is mass civil unrest.