Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Super Injunctions Super Suck...

Ok, so most of us could not care less which celebrity is sleeping with which prostitute or who is having an affair with who, but the scandal and questions surrounding super-injunctions are more intriguing.
These super-injuctions are in fact restricting press freedom and this could one day keep important information to the public under secrecy because of a super-injunction.
Super-Injunctions have also been made to look even more ridiculous this week, as a loop in the injunction saw a Twitter user publish a list of celebrities that are all being protected by super-injunctions, a wrongly accused Jemima Khan was also on the list. Funnily enough, the injunction does not stop American websites publishing this information. 
If a celebrity is paying thousands of pounds for an injunction, only for a social networking or web site to publish the restricted information, then really, what is the point of these super-injunctions? If the information is being found out, then surely there is no need for an expensive super-injunction? All they are simply doing is giving the Press less freedom.

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