Thursday, 5 May 2011

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right...

It was revealed by U.S Officials that Osama Bin Laden was in fact unarmed when he was killed on Monday. Now questions are being raised about human rights and even the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, revealed he felt 'very uncomfortable' over the death of Bin Laden and the conflicting reports from U.S officials have not helped the discomfort.

 I do think that the many different reports from the U.S officials are not helping the situation. Since revealing Bin Laden was unarmed, this has given fire to the people who are already think the killing of Bin Laden was wrong.
Did Bin Laden deserve any human rights? If he had no weapons how could he fight back? Some think he should of been put on trial and executed (Saddam Hussein style), some think he should of faced a lifelong prison sentence and some think it was right to kill him on the spot. The question we need to really ask is how do we end this vicious circle of violence?

The Arab Spring has seen thousands of Muslim people out on the streets, protesting for basic human rights, democracy and freedom. It seems the people have spoken in the Arab world and they have now grown tired of the dictatorships and anti-human right societies.
This should be the perfect opportunity for the Western world to really show how freedom and democracy should be upheld and now support and gain the trust of the Arab people who want to live in a peaceful and humane way. Instead, I can't help feeling, if the U.S Government is not truly open with the world, trust is never going to be restored.

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  1. I am hearing many conspiracy theorists saying that Bin Laden died years ago and it was all a cover up in order to keep America scared and let them invade wherever. Is something to ponder at least