Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Surprise Surprise, Nick Clegg Is A Hypocrite...

 An advert on the Liberal Democrat website advertised unpaid internships, just two months after Nick Clegg caused a fuss and said unpaid internships were wrong and interns should be paid the minimum wage.
The job on the advert clearly states that it is an unpaid internship, there is a small reimbursement for travel and £5 or less for lunch every day. Working for free is worth it according to the advert as the interns benefit from
"...the opportunity to gain experience of the practical and professional side of Party politics...and experience life in the heart of Westminster."
It was only last month Clegg launched a national internship scheme, in which interns will be paid and it should meet the minimum wage.
Yet again, Clegg has made himself look an idiot, simply because he hasn't stuck by what he has said or promised.
Nick Clegg...a national joke.

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